How to make money online for 2010? Do you have this question in mind? If your answer is Yes, then the answer is "It's up to you".

Confused? You should not be... because the right way to make money online is really up to you. If you are very resourceful enough looking for resources, e-books, and other make-money-online stuffs, then you don't have to search for this term all over again. All you have to do is know what you want, and go for it. As simple as that.

To make it simple, read below:

- If you want to make money online by clicking advertisements, then go for it. But be warned that it required you a lot of time and effort. If you got a lot of free time and has nothing to do in front of your computer or laptop, then go register to those sites. Nothing to lose. Better than wasting your time, staring at your PC. But take note, there no big money with PPC sites... so if you dream big, stay away :D

- If you want bigger money, set up your own website and do affiliate marketing. As simple as that. Learn the basics of setting up your website, study SEO, register with affiliate programs... and take every day as a learning process. In time, you'll realize you are making, maybe not as big as hoped, but I can say worth the effort.

That's all for now... don't forget to watch Super Bowl live stream, by the way.

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