How To Make Extra Money Online Fast?Earlier today, I accidentally hopped to a make money online blog and I was hooked by the author's latest post. It was titled the same as above "How To Make Extra Money Online Fast?". Hmmmn, interesting.

I like the spirit of the author (Sorry, I won't disclose his name or blog URL for privacy purposes), however, I do disagree with the main idea of his article.

He said "It is possible to make extra money online fast" but by simply criticizing his blog, he seems not making money at all (No proof of payments posted)...

Well, everyone agrees that it's possible to earn cash in the Internet - but the term "fast" is disagreeable. In my opinion, there is no such thing as FAST or EASY. Making money online with blogging or as an affiliate marketer or as an investor is not a one-night effort. It is a lifetime journey - everyday is a learning process!!!

If you beg to disagree, then go for it. But personally, based on my experience and from the blogs I read from successful bloggers, blogging is not EASY nor FAST. Just my opinion ;0

Please also read my post How To Make Easy Money Online for some of my thoughts...

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