In making money online, it is important to have a Paypal account for you to receive your earnings in the Internet. I've wrote before an article about How to make a Paypal email address however, it seems that there are still newbies who don't know how to create their Paypal account.

In an attempt to help blogging neophites, here's an easy 1-2-3 steps on how to apply and create a Paypal account.

1. Go to Always type "https" in your browser to ensure you are being redirected to a correct address and not to a fake paypal site. Click the Sign Up button then select your country and language. Fill in the Choose from Personal Account, Premier Account or Business Account. It is recommended to create a Premier Account for you to receive credit card payments. Once done, fill up the required information and you're done.

2. Next step is to verify your Paypal account for you to withdraw your money. Note that you can still recieve payments even tough you did not verify your account but you can never withdraw. To verify your Paypal Account, enter your credit card, visa card or debit card. Your card must have a transaction history (withdrawal or deposit), otherwise Paypal will deny your card.

3. Once you've entered your 16-digit visa/credit/debit card, you will be automatically included in Paypal's Expanded Use Program. Wait for your EXPUSE number in your card's transaction receipt. Once you received your EXPUSE number, enter it in your Paypal account to complete the verification.

Can I use another persons credit card/visa card? Definitely not. You can only use your own credit or visa card. If you don't have any, you can buy a Paypal VCC.

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