Can teens make money online? The answer is obviously Yes. Nowadays, teenagers are really looking for different ways of making money both offline and online. Some do it for experience while most get jobs to generate extra income or to sustain their studies.

If you are a teenager looking for methods or ways to earn money, keep reading. Some of the jobs listed below mean fast and easy money while some require enough effort and determination. You just have to decide which one you are most comfortable with.

Ways For Teenagers To Make Money Online and Offline:

A Teen can make money from home by selling things that are no longer used like old toys, clothes, books, comics, and other stuffs on E-bay or on a garage sale. You can also make money from your family by asking your parents to reward or pay you if you get high grades in school, complete a certain house chore or finish an assigned task.

Another ways of generating extra cash are baby sitting, elderly care, pet care, house cleaning, and even offering car wash services to busy people in the neighborhood.

Story telling for kids, tutoring children with their subjects, and teaching piano lessons are another ways. A teenager can also work in a grocery or department store to receive employee benefits, perks, and discounts.

Working as a golf caddy, service crew, delivery boy, messenger, tutor, and website developer are also other means to generate money for teens.

If you have some cash to invest, put up a small business like printing services. You can also write ebooks or create crafts then sell them online.

What is the best ways for teens to make money, you might ask. Personally, I affirm that making money online like blogging and affiliate marketing are the best ways to make money so far. FOr details, feel free to read my previous posts. There are a lot of programs you can join and most of them are for FREE ;0

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