Teens Make Money OnlineCan teens make money online? Nowadays, majority of people who surf the Internet are teens. Some teens are surf online to kill time while some chat with their friends, listen to music, and others. Since many teens are using the Internet during their free times, we can't take the fact that there are some of them who started their journey in making money online for free. Thus, to answer the question "Can teens make money online", the answer is obviously YES. I know a lot of teens who make money online - some of them make big while others are just average.

Anyone can actually make money online regardless of your age. The Internet does not discriminate. That means anyone can make money online - either if you are a teen, a jobless, a drop-out, or a bum - as long as you have the perseverance, skills, and passion. However, there are some programs online that require a member to be at least 18 years old and there are some who accept teens older than 13 years old. You just have to read their Terms of Service before joining.

So, how teens make money online? Simple. You can see some of the programs where you can join for free on the sidebar of this page. You can also read my post on list of programs to make money online for a complete guidance. Remember, teens can make money online.

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