How To Make Money Blogging For FreePersonally, I believe that blogging is the best way to make money online, next to affiliate marketing. I discovered from probloggers that it is possible to earn money by just having a blog that's why without thinking twice, I set-up my very first blog. Just like you, I started blogging without even knowing what the word blog means. All I had were pure curiosity and the desire to make money.

Before I start giving my personal tips on making money by blogging at no cost, I think it is better if we define what blogging is first. Many Internet users thought that anyone can earn cash with blogging but only few of them knows the definition of blogging and what it takes before you can actually earn.

So, what is blogging, you might ask. Blogging is a way sharing thoughts and ideas with people online. I want to concentrate in blogging at no cost so I suggest creating your blog with Blogger because it is obviously free and easy to use. But before you create your blog, think first about your topic. Blog on topic you love. Don't choose a topic you don't know or you have no interest with. I suggest creating a personal or general blog.

How to create a blog at no cost?
1. If you have no email address yet, create an email account by going to Yahoo or Gmail.
2. Once your email is functional, go to and sign-up by giving your accurate information. Remember to write your username and password on a piece of paper (for security purposes).
3. Enter the Title and URL address of your blog.
4. Choose a Template. You can later customize your template. You must be knowledgeable with HTML before you can do so ;0
5. Your blog is done and you can now start posting!

After creating your blog, the next thing you should think is how to get someone read your entries. You need visitors before you can make money. Here are some you should do (Note that you must have a minimum of ten posts before you should do these):
1. Submit your blog to blog directories such as and
2. Join (This is a great place to generate traffic).
3. Comment on other blogs so your blog will be noticed by other bloggers.
4. Ask for a link exchange. You can find blog URLs from several blog directories.
5. Submit your blog to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. (I will give tips on how to do this on my next posts).
6. Join forum websites and use your blog link as your signature.
7. Ask your friends and family to check your blog and tell them they are free to give you their feedback.

Considering your blog is now generating enough traffic, this means you are now ready to make money online with your blog (simply known as blog monetization). Be sure to create a Paypal account, as most of these programs will pay you throu Paypal or Check. Click here to create your free account. You can choice either a Personal or Premium account.

Here are some programs you should join for free where you can monetize your blog ;0
1. Google Adsense
2. Bidvertiser
3. Widgetbucks
4. Chitika
5. MoreNiche

Once your blog is more than 90 days old and you want to generate bigger income, then you should do p@id reviews. You should join:
1. Smorty
2. SponsoredReviews
3. Linkworth

If you have any question, just leave me a message ;0 Cheers!!!

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