Referral LinksAnother way to make money online is thru referral or affiliate program. To make money, all you have to do is invite people to become a member or publisher to a certain program. If the member who joined under you earned money, you will receive a commission from your referral’s earning usually 10% or higher depending on the program's terms.

There are a lot of affiliate programs available online; most are legitimate and paying programs while some are purely scams. (Maybe on my next post, I will share some of my affiliate programs where I earn money.)

To make money with affiliate programs, you have to invite people. The more people you invite and the more active they are, the more you will earn. Also, the more affiliate programs you join, the more you will earn, too. Affiliate programs are usually free to join, so you have nothing to lose.

I have a lot of referrals. Most are active, but I admit that there are some of them who are inactive. I can't blame them. But those inactive members are always the one's who are left behind. They are the ones who claim they never earn a cent online.

The secret in a successful online business is your activity. You have to be an active member. If you want to be a successful online affiliate, motivate yourself. Simply joining the program is not enough. Activity is a must. Invite. Invite. Invite.

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