I read from several forum sites such as MyLot wherein members are claiming that BuxTo is scam. According to them, BuxTo don't pay their members. They requested payout but never received any. Despite that, there are still some members who proved that it is not a scam, wherein they received payment. They even show some proof of payments.

Well, let's see.

BuxToJust recently, I reached the minimum payout of $10 and requested a payout through my PayPal account. I am still waiting for the money and so far I haven't received it yet. According to BuxTo, payments will be processed and issued via PayPal within 30 business days. Since it's been only about seven days since I requested, maybe I will have to wait for about three weeks. It's a long wait for $10, but I still keep on waiting just to prove if they are really scam or not.

I will keep on updating about BuxTo soon :D

If you want to learn more about BuxTo, click here and read their FAQs.

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