I received an email today from informing me about the merging of AuctionAds and ShoppingAds. Here's the copy of the email:

Please note your current AuctionAds login will work at ShoppingAds and you do not have to change ANY existing code or links. ShoppingAds is a hybrid product that serves both CPA (cost per action) ads provided by eBay and CPC (cost per click) ads provided by our shopping comparison engine partners. For existing AuctionAds users the only change you will see is the “Ads By AuctionAds” displayed on your ads will change to “Ads By ShoppingAds”...

I tried accessing AuctionAds website but I was redirected back to ShoppingAds site. That means, the main site will no longer be AuctionAds.

ShoppingAdsShoppingAds works exactly like AuctionAds as they both allows members to make money by displaying relevant merchant ads on their website. The good thing about ShoppingAds is you can make money on a CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per acquisition) basis unlike with the latter that you can only get paid per action.

However, with ShoppingAds you will be only entitled for the CPC benefit if you are a Premium publisher. By becoming a Premium publisher you will have the opportunity to be paid on a CPC (cost per click) basis for all US and Canadian traffic while you can monetize your international traffic on a CPA (cost per action) basis. Standard publisher’s traffic will be monetized 100% on a CPA basis.

ShoppingAds mentioned that I have to wait for their email if my blog is approved to be a Premium publisher. I am hoping so. Let's wait and see.

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