MoneyEver since I learn that it is possible to make money online, I started searching for different ways of making or earning money online. I was amazed that there is actually a lot of ways to make money online. Here are few ways, check them out. Note that these programs are mostly free to join.

You get paid to...
... click on ads
... read email
... blog or review products on your blog or site
... post discussions or forums
... search and/or surf the net
... answer surveys
... complete offers
... play games
... get leads/sales or sign-ups, also known as affiliate programs
... give away freebies, examples are online stores, ebooks, websites,etc
... share your photos and videos
... put ads or banners in your blog or website
... network or socialize
... embed News videos in your blog
... embed audi ads, otherwise known as pay per play

That's all for now... I will give specific programs that will pay you to do the things mentioned above on my next posts. You can also check the Categories section for a list of programs that I've already posted before.

Till next time :D

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