Happy New Year everyone!!! Hope we all welcomed the new year happily. Wishing you all a merry and prosperous new year. Had you wrote your New Year's resolutions? Anyway, this is officially my first post for the year 2008. So, what are the things you should watch out here in my Make Money Online blog?

This year, I am thinking of running a contest but haven't decided yet on what kind of contest that would be. I am planning of giving out some freebies and cash prices for the winners. I will definitely post the name of the contest either this week or next week. Since we all are into making money online, isn't it fun winning in a contest? Hope you will participate in my little contest, so watch out for it :D

Make Money Online FreeIf you notice in my Make Money Online blog, I only feature free and genuine money-making programs and some tips on how not to be scammed online. For a change, I have decided to also talk about blogging and making money through blogging. I thought that it would be beneficial to all of us if I will also share my experiences and knowledge in blogging and how I make money with it.

As usual, I will keep my post short and simple so I have to cut this post now. See you tomorrow and watch out for my contest :D

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