Another review site again... Yes, it is... Here's another get paid to review site where you can make money online. However, ShareReviews is far different from any other paid to review programs.


Because you don't need to have a blog or website for you to submit your review. You don't have to worry about your blog's Pagerank or anything. You just need a product to review. You will only discuss your soap, your perfume, your pant brand, you face cream... and viola, you get paid $2 each.

Make Money OnlineThe good news is they actually pay their members. To verify if they really pay, I submitted 5 reviews to reach the $10 minimum payout. Then after a week of waiting for approval, my reviews were approved. I waited another a week for the payment. Then before I know it, they sent my $10 straight in my Paypal account. I've included a copy of my account just to prove that they really pay.

Knowing they really pays, I think I should give more time to submit reviews. So, if you want to make money online, why not join Shared Reviews? It is free and open to international members. You only need your Paypal account to receive your earnings.

To join, click the banner below. See you there. You may also read their FAQs for more information about this amazing program :D

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