BloggerCan a Blogger or Blogspot blog make money online? The answer is definitely a big YES. All my blogs are created in Blogger, and I can prove that a Blogger blog can actually make you money. Many bloggers using Blogger platform are also making money online, some are averaging thousand dollars a month.

Why some bloggers prefer Blogger platform? I don't know the real reason of other bloggers, but as for me, it's simply because of two reasons. First is because obviously it's free and second, Blogger is owned by Google - the largest search engine in the world. They say, Google is dominating the Internet world, and it is obvious that Google spiders regularly crawl blogspot blogs.

Some bloggers still suggest hosting a blog to a self-hosted rather than a free-hosted platform, because according to them, it is better. But as for me, since I am very satisfied with Blogger, I have to stick with it for now. Why settle for another when I can have more with Blogger? :D

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