Make Money OnlineI believe most blogger's who aim to make money online don't usually post their proof of payments in their blog. Some thought that doing this is a sign of bragging. Some fellow bloggers hate seeing proof of payments from one blog. They thought the author of the said blog is bragging how much he made online while there are some who prefer seeing proof of payments, because it can be used as a proof that they make money online.

Honestly, I don't usually post my proof of payments because most of the time, I forgot. I've posted some of my proof of payments before (You can see it under Proof of Payments category) but never posted it last months and this month.

Anyway, is there any importance of posting proof of payments? Is this just a sign of bragging?

In my opinion, showing how much you earn to your readers means no offense. Some blogger's may do it to brag but it doesn't matter. What matters most is you let your readers know that you actually make money online - not only drawing figures ;D I will try to post all my proof of payments in the future. Not to brag, but to let you know every time I said I make money, I really do.

Now, let me ask you? Do you post your proof of payments in your blog?

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