250 Paypal MoneyYou heard it right. I recently stumble in a forum website and I fortunately saw a post where I can make money for as low as $250 straight in my Paypal account for just referring five friends. Sounds too good to be true right? Honestly I was skeptical at first so I made a research, and gladly there was no bad reviews for the said website yet, so I signed in. I have nothing to lose. It's free anyway and open to international members.

If you refer 5 friends, you get $250 straight in your Paypal, Xbox 360 premium for 7 referrals, $500 for 10 friends, and more. Interested with this program? Just click here and you will be redirected to the sign-up page. On the sign-up page, you will have to choose which prize you prefer. If you think you can refer as many as 20 persons, then choose it. You get $1,000 for referring 20 persons.

After choosing your price, you have to enter your email address and click NEXT. Fill-up the registration information. Once your account is activated, locate your referral link, then use that to invite other people. If you choose to refer five persons to get the $250 money, you have to invite five person. You need to at least gain one (1) credit by completing one offer. Some of the offers provided are free so you have to avail it just to gain credit.

Note that if you have zero (0) credit, then you can't claim your prize. You have to complete these two requirements (# of referrals and minimum of 1 credit) before you can claim your prize.

Sign-up now before it's too late. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. It's free, anyway. To sign-up, click here. Please sign-up as my referral. Be sure you have a verified Paypal account before signing in if you choose the money. But if you choose a free iPhone or other gadgets, then it's okay if you don't have a Paypal account. Just be sure to submit your correct physical address.

***Updated as of April 2, 2008. I just read a post about this program from one forum site called Scam.com and I found out that this program is legit where members actually received their prize.

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