Google AdsenseRecently, Google Adsense updated their Terms of Service. That's why when you logged in to your account, their Terms of Service policy will be displayed requiring you to re-read and click "I agree". Their new TOS popped up after I logged in my account later last month but honestly, I did not read it. I thought it was a technical issue so I just clicked on "I agree" and continued checking my Adsense earnings.

But after reading from several blogs saying it's a must to create a Privacy Policy for each Google Adsense publishers and post it on their blogs or websites, I felt obliqued. I thought I should post a Privacy Policy in all of my blogs using Adsense ads. I've created - I mean copied and edited- my own and posted below.

If you are an Adsense publisher, you should know that it's a must to have a Privacy Policy on all your AdSense sites. This is not optional. When you agreed to the new terms, you agreed to do this too. Better do it rather than be sorry in the future. We all know that Google Adsense are strict in terms of complying with their policies. I am starting to post Privacy Policy in all my blogs using Adsense. I think you should too.

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