Quit JobMany people thought that blogging can make you a big money. Many bloggers quit their job and choose to be a full time blogger, while there are some who considered blogging as a part time job.

A friend asked me how much I made from blogging. My answer was "Not much". I started blogging on October 2007, hoping I can make a decent income but sadly, during my first three months, I summed about only $100. I only started making real money online last January, right after gaining enough traffic and rank for my blog.

She - my friend - asked my opinion if she should give up her call center job to be a full time blogger. My answer was "You should familiarize blogging first. It's not as easy as you thought. Once you are stable and already making money, then go for it." It's true. If you are a newbie blogger, it is not recommended if you quit your job immediately. You have to settle down and be stable first. It is true that many bloggers become successful being a full time blogger, but as I said before... blogging requires time and hard work... it is not easy ;D

So if you will ask me if you should quit your day job to be a full time blogger, my simple answer would be "Not yet."

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