Google PagerankOkay... I admit I lose my Pagerank just yesterday. I was so disappointed because I feel like all my efforts had vanished in just a moment. But life must go on and I should continue my journey in making money online.

During the first quarter, I did my best just to increase my Pagerank from zero. I spend most of my free time submitting my blog in several blog directories and reading blog articles hoping to find some tips in improving the Pagerank of my Make Money Online blog. I was so happy because after months of hard work and patience, I was able to make my Pagerank form 0 to 3 after the Google Pagerank update this month. Well, my Space of Reality blog obviously lose it's Pagerank from 3 to 0, but that's okay because I thought this blog has PR 3.

But, everything get worst after seeing the Pagerank of this blog yesterday. It dropped back to zero. What happened? I don't know. Why did Google immediately took my Pagerank? I thought the next update will be on June. In case you have any idea, please share it here by leaving your comment. Thanks ;D

Anyway, after knowing my Pagerank is back to zero, I get frustrated... I can no longer can make money with paid reviews... but as I said, life must go on. There are still a lot of other opportunities where I can earn money. Maybe I should try affiliate marketing or concentrate more with Google Adsense. Back to zero again... I will no longer try to increase my Pagerank. I am already done. I think I should concentrate more on how to increase traffic of my blog rather than my Pagerank which can easily taken away from you. Pagerank or Traffic? Definitely, traffic!!!

If you know other ways to make money online even with PR 0 blogs, please let me know. Thanks ;D

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