ScamAs I always mention on my previous posts, making money online is not easy as it requires a lot of effort and patience. Also, it is not easy because you have to invest your time researching for related information about each program you join, verifying if it's legit or not. Speaking of illegitimate programs, have you ever considered yourself as online victim? Were you ever scammed?

I am sure we all hate scammers. That's why we often take extra precautions to protect ourselves from getting scammed. The question is Do you know exactly how to identify if a program is genuine or not? I posted months ago about the three ways to verify if a program is scam or genuine. I suggest reading it for your guidelines ;D

Back to the question, were you ever scammed online? I am sure most of you reading this post will answer back Yes. I hope you will leave a comment just to let me know. I did... and I am hoping I won't be in the future again. It is disappointing when you invested most of your time in a program to make money, only to find out that they will not pay you. Anyway, as the saying goes - you will know unless you try - I guess getting scammed is a lesson learned for me. In case you are interested which program I joined I found scam, just read the articles under Scam Alerts and Tips category.

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