Before, I mentioned about the different ways on how to make money blogging for free. As I stressed out before, blogging is not an overnight job. It requires patience and hard work. That's the truth, even though there are some bloggers who perceive blogging is an easy task.

Blogging is fun and anyone can actually make money with it. However, I don't want to conclude that online money can only be generated with a blog or site because even if you don't maintain a blog, you can still make money.

How to make money online without a website? Easy. Here are different ways on how to do it. Note that you have to create a Paypal account for you to be able to receive your hard earned money.

Get paid to click (PTC) - You get paid everytime you visit an advertiser's site. Some PTC programs pay you $0.01-0.05 per ads you view. You can also earn more through commissions if you invite your friends to join.

Get paid to read (PTR)- Just like paid-to-click, you get paid every time you read an email sent to you.

Get paid to post (Forum posting) - There are a lot of websites that will pay you for each post you leave in a forum site.

Get paid to upload photos - If you have a gallery of photos, why not upload them and generate income for every view is generate.

Get paid to complete surveys - Just complete surveys and you get paid with each you complete. You can also get paid to complete offers or try products.

Writing - Write and edit articles and get paid. Just as simple as that ;0 You could also write ebboks and guides and sell them in eBay or Amazon.

Graphic design - If you love designing graphics and logo preferably using Adobe Photoshop, then this job is just right for you.

Buy and sell - Sell your stuffs online. Buy domains and sell them.

Data entry - This job is ideal for you if you can type accurately and fast with your keyboard.

Coding - Some people hire programmers who knows how to program using these programming languages: PHP, Perl, Cgi, HTML, XML, etc.

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