I just want to share that I got paid by Widgetbucks last week, September 17 to be exact. It amounted $82.29 as you can see on the attached photo below. It was my earnings for the whole month of July.

Actually, I was not expecting to receive any payment from Widgetbucks. I've been hearing a lot of confirmation from other bloggers saying that Widgetbucks is scam. I was one of them who thought it was so I almost give up this program. I think the last time I login to my account to check my earnings was months ago...

Widgetbucks Proof of Payment for July 2008

How did I generate the $82.29 then? Actually, I must say, there is no hard work on my part on how I get the money. I just embedded a single widget in one of my blog and never removed it. Luckily, that blog generated high traffic for the month of July and viola, it made me $82.29. Not a big money? It may not be... but money is still money. And I made it with no hard work. So, I should be happy.

This proof of payment just confirms that Widgetbucks is not scam. It pays. Widgetbucks is not scam. Remember, there are a lot of ways on how to make money online, and one program you should join is called Widgetbucks. However, you can only join if you have a blog, forum site, or website having both international and local traffic.

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