Just earlier today, I checked the traffic stats of this blog. I was a bit shocked and happy because of the sudden spike of visitors for my Make Money Online Free blog - about 50% higher. I expected increase in my Adsense earnings and out of excitement, I login to my account, but to my dismay, there is no increase in earnings for this blog. Maybe about few cents only and still the same number of clicks. I begun to wonder what happened.

Obviously, what I did next is to check the source of traffic and to my shock - again - the least traffic source that came into my mind was shown. Whoah! The 50% increase in traffic came from a get-paid-to-click website called BuxtoAds.com.

Who submitted by blog there? Of course, I didn't because first of all I know the site is against Adsense TOS. Second, I am not a member of this site nor don't have accont with them. Lastly, getting clicks in this site will not increase my earnings at all because this site is not included in my "Approve list", and any click coming from it will not be counted. So, there is no advantage on my part.

So, who did it? Probably, one of my competition who want this blog penalized. Or possibly, someone I know who has been jealous, or might be someone who wanted to spread my blog thru that site.

Whoever did it, I really appreciate if you tell me your name straight away. I really appreciate your concern but you don't have to. If I wanted to do it, I'll do it my way (which I don't have any plans at all). Why not submit your own site instead.

Remember, you don't have to do it. Play fair. You don't have to be jealous or anything because this blog is not making BIG dollars at all, just enough. Why not concentrate on your own blog instead of backstabbing your competition? You know yourself.

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