Google AdsenseWhile I was doing some online search earlier, I came to a forum where most of their members’ posts were about their Adsense account disabled. It seems like the most adsense publishers were receiving an email with a subject: “Google Adsense Account Disabled”

I wonder why they Adsense account were disabled so I keep on reading. After reading some posts, I learned that most of them had their account disabled because of invalid clicks. Listed below are some scenarios which is counted as invalid clicks.

- When you click your own ads for any purposes
- When you ask others to click on your ads for any purposes
- When you use robots or automated software to generate click
- When you do any deceptive practice to generate clicks

Google AdSense uses advanced technology to monitor its AdSense program. They know whether or not a particular AdSense site is generating invalid clicks. So, avoid doing an invalid click as doing this will get your account terminated faster than anything else. If you have an optimized blog, useful content, and attractive ads, I believe there is no reason for you to consider the idea of using invalid clicks.

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