While I was browsing several blogs, a topic on Problogger catched my attention. The post was posted last November 14 and it was titled:

WidgetBucks to Stop Monetizing Non North American Traffic - Interview with Matt Hulett from WidgetBucks

After reading the news, I don't know what to say. Matt Hulett, the CEO of Widgetbucks said that they will no longer pay us if the ad was clicked by a non-North America visitor. Even if your visitors make a purchase, you will not gonna be paid, too! Unless, he is from North America.

You can read more information about this news by clicking here.

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!I know I have visitors from everywhere, some may be from North America. But I have to admit too that not all visitors from North America click my WidgetBucks ads. How about those ads clicked by my other readers from other place, aside from North America? What if my WidgetBucks ads were clicked mostly by my non-North American visitors? Still, I won't get paid with it.

I think it is unfair. I guess it's time for me to find another advertising network to monetize my site. Temporarily, I have to remove WidgetBucks ads because it causes my page to load slower.

For now, bye Widgetbucks!

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