It was just recently that I found about ClickEx - a program that pays you to post forums. It works like MyLot but I believe it pays better. With ClickEx, you will earn $0.03 for replying to a topic previously started by a member and $0.02 for making a new topic. Unlike with MyLot, sometimes you receive 1 cent per post but most of the time, half a cent per post. So I guess, ClickEx is better!

At ClickEx, your topic can be about anything, just like MyLot. There are plenty of categories to choose from. Just look for something that will interest you. Anyway, there are a lot of rules in this program so you have to read and understand them to avoid your post to be removed, or worst, your account being banned.

ClickExMinimum payout is $2.00 and you can request it through Paypal. However, before you can request payout, you must have at least 50 posts and accumulated 200 EX Points

ClickEx is a free program and is open worldwide. If you are into increasing your online earnings, then ClickEx is worth a try. Nothing to lose. Many members have received payment already and I will be one of them in the coming days.

This is a great site to exchange links and clicks, too. So, what are you waiting for? Join ClickEx now!

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