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When video news content with an advertisement is played by your viewers, you'll earn a flat-rate CPM (cost per thousand plays). Additionally, you will get paid when a text article or an image you embed is rendered or drawn on the page with an accompanying advertisement.

The News RoomAll payments are calculated using a CPM (cost per thousand). This means for each video play or text or image impression, you are earning a fraction (1/1000) of the flat rate. In other words, when you have 1,000 views of a single video feed with an ad, you earn $4.

Please note that each item is accounted for separately so if you have a video and a text article on your site you will be paid for each as described above. All websites are recognized as different and do not put an explicit limit on the number of items you can put on a page, however, it is recommended that no more than 3 items per page. Pages with more than 3 items are reviewed by their fraud team for possible violation of the Member Agreement, which requires viewers having a genuine interest in the content.

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