Today, I'm sharing two sites that already paid me for posting discussions and forums. They are both free to join, open worldwide, and fun. Payments are processed through Paypal. However, I have to warn you because they can be addicting :D

Check them out below:

1. MyLot: Last October, I discussed about MyLot on how it works and how members get paid.

Everyday, more people around the world are registering in this program and enjoying, learning, and making money as well. They pay you for posting and answering discussions. Pay depends on the quality of every post. Also, extra credit is given for rating discussions and uploading pictures relevant to the posts.

MyLot is a genuine paid to post website. I had been paid twice in this program. My last payment was $20.64 and I received it on December 15. Don't worry, as I’ve stated earlier, MyLot is free and open worldwide, so you can definitely join. If you want to join and discover the fun, click here.

Paid To Post Forums2. Clickex: Just like MyLot, I also discussed ClickEx recently. This is another great program. If have a lot of extra time and you are willing to spend it for posting and replying discussions, then you should join ClickEx. They pay you 2 cents to start a new discussion and 3 cents to reply an existing thread. You even get paid more if your post has quality. Just recently, they implemented a new process where they will pay you for every word. It means that the longer your post will be, the more you will earn.

Don't worry; I can assure you that this is a legitimate program as I have been paid here four times. Minimum payout is only $2.00 and is processed within 48 hours. To join, click here.

All the best.

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