Google AdsenseI don't usually receive email from Google Adsense.. and my heart jumps everytime I open my mailbox and see an email from them. Know why? It's because I often hear different Adsense publishers claiming their account were banned... that made me think an email from them could be my love letter too. But knowing I'm not doing anything against from their TOS, I have nothing to worry. You may read this post on some tips on how to avoid your Adsense account from getting banned.

Anyway, as I open my mailbox today, I saw an email from Google Adsense. As expected, my heart beat faster as I check it out... My worries were wiped away when I finally understood what the email contained. They are informing me that they have sent my Personal Identification Number (PIN) via standard mail and I should be expecting it within 2-4 weeks.

Oh no... my physical address wasn't right? It lacks the Street Address. I never thought they will ever send me an email through my physical address because I choose Western Union as a mode of payment... so I thought keeping my address with no Street Address is fine. Anyway, there's no use for blaming myself... I just modified my personal information in my Adsense dashboard. I have less than a month to wait for the snail mail... and in case I won't receive it because the address lacks details, I have the option to request another mail.

Can't wait to receive my Adsense PIN so I can withdraw my earnings. I can't believe I finally reach their minimum payout. They said if I can't activate my PIN within six months, my earnings will be refunded. Oh no :( Just hoping I will receive it soon.

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