While I was doing some blog hopping in some blog directories awhile ago, I came to a make money online blog which, I think, is very impressive and useful. However, upon checking the author's last post, I get disappointed to see that it was last August of 2006. Looks like the blog had been inactive for more than a year now. This make me think why there are some make money online blogs that are inactive, or no longer updated.

Setting up a blog is easy, and most newbie blogger's often want to setup a blog to make money online. Honestly, that was my purpose too. I setup a blog because I want to maximize my online earnings. My blog helped me to increase my earnings and get some referrals too.

Inactive Make Money Online BlogsIf my blog is helping me make money online, this made me wonder why there are some blogger's who setup a make money online blogs, then after a month or year, they became inactive, they stop blogging about money, or they stop updating their blogs. What could be the reason?

Is it because blogging is not effective to them? Is it because they don't make money online blogging at all? Or was it because they became lazy? Or maybe because they started another blog again…

Whatever their reason would be, I know I won't be like them. I will never stop blogging, especially about money. I will keep on posting and updating my make money online blog whatever may :D

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