SlashMySearch Is Scam!

I've been a member of SlashMySearch, a paid to search program, for almost six months now, and I admit I have been paid $20 once. I like SlashMySearch its idea - it pays its members for every search. For a month, I make not less than a hundred dollars ($100). But today, I get disappointed because I learned that SlashMySearch is another scam program! What a waste of time!

I stop being an active member of SlashMySearch after getting my $20 earnings two months ago. But upon reading in MyLot that SlashMySearch changed its policy in paying its members, I decided to be an active again. You can read more its new policy by clicking I Make Money With Slashmysearch.

Anyway, after being an active member for less than a month, I earned $76.00 and counting - thanks to my referrals. Last week, I tried requesting a payout, however, to my disappointment, it said that I can not request any payout yet. What?! I reached the $20 minimum payout so how can I not request a payout?!

I decided to contact Admin, but to date, I haven't received any reply yet. So, I tried reading the SlashMySearch forum, to check if there are members encountering similar issues like me. Reading the forum is also a disappointment. Looks like almost all members are disappointed, too. Admin is out of sight too. He's not replying the members' queries for months now. Where's SlashMySearch Admin?!

Being that, I decided I should stop using and promoting SlashMySearch, because it is plainly waste of time. SlashMySearch is scam!!!

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