Domain ParkingI've heard several bloggers talking about making money by Domain Parking. I don't exactly know what they mean, but I heard they are making a big amount of money... averaging from $1000. So I get very interested because $1000 is a big money, right? According to them, one can make more money and earn extra income while he park his unused or expired domain name at Sedo.

First, what is Sedo? According to the Internet, Sedo is one of the leading market place for selling and buying of domain names and websites. They have an approximate members of more than 500,000 worldwide in more than 21 languages offering a huge selection of premium top domains with more than 8 million available for sale.

So, how can you earn money on domain parking?

While you park your domain name at Sedo, you will earn per click on the advertisements displayed on your default homepage. According to some bloggers, the revenue generated from domain parking is not bad, considering that you got a decent traffic on your parked domain name.

So it means that you can only make money of your unused or expired domain name if it's highly targeted. I don't have an expired domain name or neither I bought a domain name yet, so it is impossible that I can make money with domain parking. However, I heard several online money makers are buying domain names and they park it at Sedo for some extra cash. Sounds nice. Maybe I should buy a highly targeted domain name too and park it at Sedo. Another way to make money online, right?

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