Space of Reality LogoI don't exactly know what's with Pagerank and how it was computed or determined. I just heard different blogger's talking about it and how they make money with it. It does not literally mean you make money with Page Rank as is, but I heard when you have a higher Pagerank, you will receive more paid review offers and advertisers. More reviews means more money.

No doubt most paid to post programs I joined have more offer to my Space of Reality blog rather than this Make Money Online blog. Why? Because the first blog has a PageRank of 3 while this one has Pagerank of 0. I checked website to verify and I was given the following result:

Pr Photo
Hmmnnn... Nice one. How did my personal blog got its Pagerank? It's still a puzzle to me. I should learn it ASAP so I can improve the Pagerank of my Make Money Online blog. I'll give updates soon. They say Pagerank is updated every quarter... that means I have more than two months to determine how my Pagerank will be improved.

That's it for now. More updates soon.

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