Traffic or PagerankWhich is better, having a higher traffic or Pagerank?

Just awhile ago, Farhan asked my opinion regarding traffic and Pagerank. Honestly, I'm not yet a professional blogger. Truth is, I'm currently aiming to be one of them thus I am giving my best to learn what I have to.

I am not yet very familiar on how Pagerank is computed, but I am giving my best to increase the Pagerank of this blog. As I've mentioned on my yesterday's post, my Space of Reality blog is PR 3. If I were able to increase its rank, then of course, I can too with this make money online blog.

Now, to answer Farhan's question if I prefer having a higher traffic or Pagerank, I would definitely choose traffic. Why? It's because when my blog has a higher traffic, it means I can make more money. How? Content + Traffic = Money. That's what I believe. This blog is certified as PR 0, however, I still gain traffic from Search Engines resulting to few clicks with my Adsense. With my current traffic, I am pretty satisfied (not very) with my Adsense income, so with my referral links.

However, my goal right now is to increase both my blog's Pagerank and traffic because I am also interested in making money through paid reviews. Since this is a PR 0 blog, it does not receive any offer at all, which made me sad. So, I am doing some research on how I can increase my PR as well.

To sum it up, if you were after receiving paid reviews, then you have to increase your Pagerank and if you are after Adsense and referral links, concentrate on your traffic. I am after Pagerank and Traffic, so I am increasing both :D

By the way, just in case you have something to tip me on how I can increase my blog's traffic and Pagerank, please leave your comment. Thanks :D

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