Content Is King... Really?

Content Is KingMany bloggers often say that "Content is King". I admit that during my first days of blogging, I don't exactly know what this statement means.

After several research and rigorous reading, I finally learned what these bloggers exactly mean when they say "Content is king". They mean the contents of your blog or website should have "QUALITY". For you to have and keep readers, your blog's topic and contents should be interesting, worth-reading, and unique.

For more than three months of blogging, I do agree that Content Is Really King. Let's take my two blogs as an example. My Space of Reality blog is about my random thoughts and opinions. It is not actually a personal blog because I don't mention my everyday life. I only discuss there what's on my mind.

Anyway, I noticed that bloggers prefer visiting this blog rather than my Make Money Online blog. The latter only get its visitors from Search Engines, while Space of Reality gets most of its traffic from bloggers and loyal readers. I don't know why most bloggers prefer reading the blog... maybe because most of them prefer reading blogs with unique contents rather than reading a "make money online" blog which we all know that this topic is already used.

One blogging secret I've learned and want to share with you guys is "Content is Indeed King". Just like what successful bloggers keep on telling us "Concentrate on your contents first... traffic will follow."

On our next topic, we'll cover another key ingredient in successful blogging, which is no other than TRAFFIC.

That's all folks... :D

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