ImageFlyI found another program where you can make money online by sharing or uploading your pictures, wallpapers, videos, and music. It is called ImageFly. Of course, it is free to join and open to international members. Everyone can definitely join as long as your country supports Paypal transactions.

How much you will earn will depend on how many unique page views you receive. If the rate is US$1/4500 FlyPoints, you will get US$1 for every 4500 unique page views. Once you've accumulated a minimum of $30, you can now request your earnings thru your Paypal account.

Remember, each photo you will upload must comply with their Terms of Service or else your account will be banned. As what other paid to share websites, adult contents are also prohibited.

So far, I haven't earned yet because I just joined awhile ago. I will give updates about this program in my future posts. As of now, I have to test if this is a legitimate and paying program. Since it's free to join, I've got nothing to lose, right?

If you are interested with this program or if you want to join me in checking ImageFly then join now. Don't just store your photos in your hard drive. Upload and make money with them. Click here to register now for your FREE PicsPay account. See you there :D

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