Easy MoneyA friend in one forum site where I actively participates sent me a private message and asked me the question "How To Make Easy Money Online". I won't disclose his name for privacy purposes. I post this topic today because I want to share my opinion about making money online easily.

I often read other bloggers promoting ideas about making easy money online. I don't agree with these bloggers. Simply because of this idea "If there is such thing as making easy money, then all people who aspire to make money online should be making money after all. But in reality, only few are actually making money online and some of those who claim they do are just scam. When you ask for Proof of Payment, they can't show you anything... and sometimes, just to satisfy their readers, they post fake proof of payments."

I think I already posted an article about this topic before where I mentioned that there is no such thing as making money online in an easy way. If you want to read my post, click Make Money Online In An Easy Way.

Remember, making money online requires time, enough knowledge, and a lot of efforts. It is not as easy as overnight effort :D

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