Domain NameChoosing a blog's name is one of the most crucial decisions in creating a blog because it can serve as the first impression to readers. Honestly, it took me more than two weeks to think and decide the suitable name for my blog. I listed all names that I think great but, unfortunately, most of them were already taken.

I came to different names before I finally get what I really want and lucky me, it was available. Yipppeee! It wasn't my first choice... but am still thankful because it was available that time.

By the way, here are some tips I can share in naming your blog. Actually, I got these while doing some research and I thought they are more helpful if I will share them here.

First thing to do in choosing the blog’s name is that it should be easily remembered by readers. Not everyone relies on bookmarks, so try a name that is unique and easily remembered. Also, make your blog's name easy to type and spell. It should reflect the topic of the blog, too. Next, make it catchy and lastly, make it Search Engine friendly.

To do the tips above, make a list of names you feel would best reflect your blog. As you look at each potential name, ask yourself the following questions:

- Does this name reflect my blog's purpose?
- If I saw this blog name in a search, would I be inclined to click?
- Will other bloggers and blog readers see the title and perhaps consider this blog a good resource?
- Will the name work for years to come?

If the answer to all of these is yes, then you have your best blog’s name ever :D

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