SecretA friend once asked me if I have any secrets in making money online. Instead of answering her back, I just smiled... and told myself: "Why would I tell you?" Just kidding.

Do I have a secret? Do bloggers who make money online have secrets? Honestly, I don't literally have a secret at all. If there is, then probably I must have shared it recently ;D I don't to other bloggers if they have secrets. Maybe yes, maybe no. If they have, then I bet they already shared it to their readers... or maybe they keep their secrets as secrets.

Is there secrets in making money online? I don't know. In my opinion, the secrets to be a successful money-maker are hard work, patience, motivation, passion, and determination. Making money online is not easy. It takes time and a lot of effort. If you give up easily, then you will definitely fail. Making money online is not an overnight job. It is an everyday work. Setting up a blog and waiting for money to come in is not the ideal work in blogging. Setting up a blog is only the first step. Next step is to build traffic and relationship to your readers. Money will come in after your blog is established.

Now, if you will ask me my secrets in making money online, I will answer you hard work, patience, motivation, passion, and determination ;D happy blogging.

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