Who Wants Free Money?

MoneyI do. I am sure you want free money too. I am sure that's the reason why you want to read this post... hoping you will find a FREE money, right?

Well, to tell you honestly, there is no free money in this post. Nowadays, nothing is free - especially when it's about money. So, what's the purpose of this post? I just want to tell other people the truth behind the "Free Money" thing.

Isn't it true that there are online programs wherein upon joining, they will give you a bonus? Let's take Hits4Pay as an example. I joined this program last July, 2007. It is a program that will pay you to read emails. Not bad. I have nothing to lose since there is nothing to lost, right? Anyway, upon joining, they will give you $10 sign-up bonus. Their minimum payout is $25... that means, I only have to earn $15 and I will be receiving a full $25.

But until now, I haven't received any money coming from Hits4pay yet? Why? It's because I only earned a total of $12.52 including the free $10. So that means, I only earned $2.52 for almost 7 months. Not good.

Why did I only earn that much? It's because they don't send a lot of emails everyday. I get lucky when I receive 2 emails in a week... and how much one email costs? 2 cents for 2 minutes.

Now, when will I receive my free money or free $10 from them? Maybe after 20 years... right after their website is closed. I don't think this program is worth my time :D Time to stop being their active member, I guess...

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