Make Money Online FreeI was checking my Sitemeter statistics awhile ago when I saw one Google search that directed to my blog. One person - I don't who he is - typed the keywords "How Can I Earn Money By Visiting My Site" in Google search box. I don't know why my blog was indexed with the said keyword. I can't remember any topic where I discussed about this - not until now of course. I thought is an interesting topic to blog, so here I am blogging this topic.

Can you really make money just by visiting your own blog or site? Of course, the answer is obviously and definitely a big and bold NO. There is no such thing as making or generating money just by simply visiting your own blog. If that will be the case, then I think every blogger should be making money online. But the real case scenario is that not all are making money online, because no one is actually making money just by visiting your own blog.

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