Don't you know that identity theft is now the most rampant way for thieves to gather people's data such as email address, phone number, bank accounts, and even credit card information? In the year 2006, reports say that there were about 15 million victims of identity theft, meaning there 28.5 victims per minute. Thus, even if you are an ordinary or elite person, it is recommended you should be protected and empowered to stop thieves from stealing your personal and critical data.

One way to protect your self is by the use of Fraud Alerts offered by LoudSiren or Lifelock. If you are to compare LifeLock and LoudSiren basic services, both place and manage fraud alerts. A Fraud Alert is a notice placed with the three major credit bureaus imposing a legal duty on the creditor to contact you before issuing any credit in your name.

To compare LoudSiren and LifeLock based on features, LoudSiren protects privacy of consumer’s phone number and warns consumer of potential theft in advance at multiple phone numbers of consumer’s choosing while Lifelock is recognized by its brand name. To compare LifeLock and Debix based on company reputation, LoudSiren by Debix is rated as excellent whereas Lifelock is rated as good because it has suffered some negative publicity concerning its founders criminal past. Visit their website now more more detailed comparison between the two services.

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