Ximmy Proof of PaymentI have been paid by Ximmy today, April 25, 2008 as you can see the proof of payment on the left side of this post. I received a total of $30 in my Paypal account - $10 for the 1,000 points I gained and $20 bonus.

Actually, I planned not to cash out my points yet because I was thinking to gain 20,000 points for $300, but because I was lazy to post discussions, I decided to convert my rewards to cash yesterday. I have accumulated more than 1100 points already, so $30 is already a big money for me.

I requested the payment thru Ximmy dashboard but because the input text boxes were disabled, I can't push thru so I emailed Ximmy support for help. Sean (Ximmy support) instantly replied back asking me my username, password, and Paypal email address. Now, after checking my Paypal account, I was happy seeing my Ximmy payment was already sent - instantly.

Anyway, I am not posting my proof of payment to brag or anything. The only reason is that I only want to share some proof that Ximmy pays its members. It's genuine and legitimate.

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