Is AWSurveys Scam or GenuineI should have titled this post "AWSurvey is scam!!!" but because I heard some people claim it is not, I finally decided to make the title in a questioning manner "Is AWSurvey scam or genuine?" to be fair enough.

Okay, I joined AWSurveys on April 14, 2008 because I heard someone was paid 50 dollars (the minimum payout is $75 but you were deducted $25 if you requested thru Paypal payout). Actually, I already heard about this program last year when I was still a newbie money-maker. But because I found out through reading forum web sites that it is scam, I did not give it any attention at all.

However just recently, since I was shown with a proof of payment, I joined. I have nothing to lost because it is free. I completed about six (I forgot the exact number) surveys and I earned $27 on my first day. Wow!!! After completing the surveys, I immediately posted AWSurveys banners in this blog to gain referrals because for every referral, I can earn $1.25...

On the next day, I tried logging in my AWSurveys account to check if someone joined and to my dismay, I can't login. Whhhaaatttt!?! Why?!!! I am sure my username and password are correct. I tried again and failed... so I decided to email their support (for thrice now) and again, to my dismay, I haven't received any response yet.

I read several forums sites to check other members feedback on AWSurveys and I wasn't relieved because most of their members were unsatisfied. Most of them claimed it is scam. Should I join their movement too?

That's the purpose of this blog post... I hereby second the motion that AWSurveys is scam. Why? Because if it is not, then why did their support never reply my three emails? If it is not, why can't I not log-in knowing I entered the correct username and password. If it is not, why did there are other people claiming it is scam? If it is not, why did they never paid their other members? If it is not, why do they have to deduct $25 for sending your money through Paypal, knowing that sending money through Paypal is absolutely free? Also, their $1.25 for every referrals sounds too good to be true (just my opinion).

Anyway, I don't know about you if you think AWSurveys is scam or genuine... but as for me, it is nothing but scam and I will put it now in my scam list!!! AWSurveys is scam ;0

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