Bidvertiser Proof of PaymentEarlier today, I finally received my first ever payment from Bidvertiser. That's right. For more than 7 months as their publisher, I only earned a total amount of almost $20. This means, the $12.95 is my earnings from Oct 22, 2007 to April 30, 2008. I have remaining $6.31 in my Bidvertier account for my May income.

Twelve dollars and ninety-five cents in 6 months?!! Too low, right? Actually it is veeeery very low, compared to my Adsense earnings which is already close to a thousand dollars to date.

But, $12.95 is still money. It is better than nothing. This money can buy me a new shirt or I can include it in my savings for my future iPhone which I am planning to buy in September this year ;0

My earnings for the month of May is not so good compared to the precious months. Also most of my earnings will be paid during the first week of June. I only earned around $500 including my Adsense income. Too low but it is good than having nothing. I am just hoping the month of June will be a good start for me again.

In case you want to join Bidvertiser, click here. It is free anyway. You have nothing to lose. $5 a month is not bad. It can buy you cups of Starbucks coffee;0

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