How To Receive Google Adsense Through Western Union QuickCash?Yesterday, I finally received my first Google Adsense earnings through Western Union QuickCash. It was my five months earning actually (November 2007-April 2008). It is not that BIG compared to other bloggers income but still I'm so happy that I received it finally. (Considering that during the previous months, I was having issues with my Adsense PIN not arriving in my place.)

How to know if you received an AdSense payment?
I thought I will receive an email notification when the AdSense payment via Western Union has been issued, but I was wrong. There is no notification from Google about your payment. In order to know if there is any payment waiting for you, you need to log on your AdSense account. Go to “My Account” tab, then click “Payment History” in sub-menu.

Under “Earnings and Payments Summary“, look for the description “Payment issued“. If you can't see it, then obviously you are not yet entitled for a payment.

If you can see a "Payment Issued", click on the “details” link to get the payment details. It has all the information you need to receive your AdSense money from Western Union agent such as the payment date, money transfer control number (MTCN), and payment amount. I suggest you print the page out or copy it on a piece of paper as you will need it later.

How To Receive Google Adssense Though Western Union Quickcash?
Now that you are ready to claim your money, go to your nearest Western Union branch with the details above and a government/state issued identity document (a passport, a driver's license, a TIN ID, etc).

Fill up the Western Union Money Transfer "To receive money" form with the information such as the MTCN, payment amount, your name, your address, your contact number, the sender (Google, Inc), sender's address, ect. Don't forget to include your signature below the form. Once you're done, give the completed form to the teller with your ID, passport, etc . In some outlets, they require you to photocopy the documents, but as for me I wasn't. Also, the teller asked me about the purpose of the money. I answered “commission received for online advertisement”. You can answer the same in case you will be asked.

By the way, there is no additional charge to receive AdSense money by Western Union.

You will be instructed to wait. Just sit back and relax. Usually, it will take you five minutes - less or more depending on the accuracy of the teller. Hehehe. Your name will be called to fetch your money... you're done and ready to go shopping ;0

I received a three-figure amount as you can see on the image below. I am planning to give $360.00 for my family - most of it is for my brother's college tuition fee and the remaining will be for my parents. I will keep the $101.49 for my savings account and hoping the value of dollar in my country will go higher soon. Just kidding ;0

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