Is CustomOrderThis Scam?"Another scam?!", you might say. We may face it or not, there are some online programs that are scam. The beauty of it is that we can only discover which are scam and which are not right after joining and experiencing them.

Speaking of scam, I think should be included in the list.

I joined this program months ago because I was hooked by their offer "Receive $250 for 5 referrals". Of course, it was too good to be true. But because the program is free, I joined because I got nothing to lose. Right after my account was activated, I begun posting my affiliate link here in my blog and gladly, I was able to get 85 referrals. I was aiming for the "Receive $1,000 for 20 referrals", and I was happy knowing I get that number of people who joined under me.

Of course, only 20 among my 85 referrals will be counted, but they have to complete at least one offer so I get 1 credit from them. 20 credits is equivalent to $1,000.

Last week, when I try to login my account to check my status, it seems that the page is no longer existing. I visited it everyday until today but I just get disappointed. Due to my disappointment, I finally accepted and admit to myself that it is scam.

I am not sure if you also experienced this. If you are a member of CustomOrderThis, can you do me a favor? Will you try to login your account and see if the page still exists. Well, if this is another scam, then so be it. I lost nothing with this program, except some time of course.

I guess I have to try my luck with other programs ;0

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