Hits4pay Proof of Payment

Hits4pay Proof of PaymentI finally received my Hits4pay earnings on Tuesday, June 17 amounting $34.07 straight in my Paypal account. Not that big, huh? Yeah right, it may not be BIG bucks for you, but it is still money right? It can buy me a new pair of pants or I can treat my friends for cups of coffee for this. But of course, I choose to save the money because I am planning to buy an iPhone 3G soon.

Anyway, I am posting my Hits4pay payment to prove that it is not scam after all. They really pay, even though it takes time to reach the $25 minimum payout. In making money online, patience is a virtue ;0

If you also want to earn some extra cash online, then Hits4pay is one program you should join. As you can see, they are legitimate and paying. No need to be skeptical about that because I have here the proof ;0

Registration is free and anyone around the world can join. If you register now, you also receive a $10 sign-up bonus. All you have to do is click this link to register, wait until your account is verified. Once it is, login to your account and read emails until you drop.

So what are you waiting for? Making extra $25 a month with this program is not bad as it can help you pay the bills or buy you a new gadget.

See you there ;0

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