$1 Million Dollar Adsense Earnings In One Day$1 Million in One Day?! After reading the title of this post, I bet your initial reaction - or the first word that might come out from you - may be "Ows?". Well, same here. Can one really make 1 million dollars in a single day? I saw a video clip in Gusher's blog about a guy who made a wooping "one million dollars" in a day!!! whoah!!! He must be very rich by now!!! Watch the video below and see for your self. Is it believable?

Personally, just by seeing the proof on the video, there is a possibility that the Adsense proof of earnings is genuine - but not 100% sure though. You know, there are a lot of software out there that can be used to modify clips to make it real. Maybe this video is another tactic used by some online marketers so they can sell their ebooks or products.

Granted that the proof was not edited, in short real, there is a big possibility that the guy owned a hundred of social networking sites like Friendster or Yuwie, or maybe bunches of highly trafficked forum sites that's why he generated that big amount.

In my opinion, as a blogger, making million of dollars a day, even thousand, is really impossible. Remember, John Chow is only making less that a thousand a month with Google Adsense. As for me, as a blogger using a free hoster Blogger blog, making $10 day suffice - and it makes me happy.

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