Kontera Proof of PaymentI received my Kontera payment worth $113.67 on Tuesday, August 5 but I was too busy to post it, not until now. That was my earnings for more than two months (May - June), I guess. I was expecting $119.05 based on my computation but it seems, I lost about $6.00... but that's okay. What matters is that I was paid.

I admit it's really hard to reach their $100 minimum payout but since Kontera is not my biggest money earner, making an extra $100 for two months is not bad.

A lot of bloggers are saying Kontera is not a good money-maker. Some even say it is scam. Well, it is really hard to make money with this program, but it's better to have a small amount than nothing. I heard some bloggers making more than $100 with Kontera, but I still don't know how they do it.

I think I have to satisfy myself with what I earn for now ;0 "Better have something than nothing"- as they say.

By the way, I was so happy I made almost $1,000 for the month of July so I bought myself a new laptop as a prize for my blogging efforts. I will post photos and proof of earning on my next post, so stay tuned.

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