Someone left me a message asking the question above months ago. Honestly, I forgot about it. I just saw it again and reminded when I scan my notes earlier today. I feel sorry not to answer it. To the person who wrote me this message before, please accept my apology. I try to answer questions fast but sometimes I get busy that I forgot some inquiries ;(

If you have also left questions here before, please don't forge to remind me and I will answer as soon as possible.

Anyway, here are the steps on how to create a Paypal email address:
1. Go to and create an account. If you have an existing Yahoo email account, I recommend creating a new one which is only to be used for your Paypal transactions only. This is for security purposes and to avoid spam and phishing Paypal emails.
Note: You can also create a Gmail account, but personally I prefer Yahoo.

2. After you have created and verified your Yahoo email address, go to and create your Paypal account. Just follow and read every steps to avoid any error. You can create either a Personal, Premium, or Business account, but I recommend creating a Premium Paypal account. Note that you must have a credit card to verify your Paypal account.

3. Once you followed the steps, you are done creating your Paypal account. Remember to write your password to a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place.

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